Inspirations #14 5/14/13

Mr. Earely 🙂 (couldn’t find a picture. Just imagine his lovely mug on this page)



Inspirations #12 4/30/13


Yoshiyuki Tomino. He’s an anime writer and director of some of Japan’s most influential shows, his most famous being Mobile Suit Gundam.

His stories, mostly being of a dark nature earning him the nickname “Kill-em-All” Tomino, are a big inspiration to me.

Inspirations #10 4/16/13

P636214 BRAIN

Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series.

When I was small, my brothers got a whole bunch of these books from a neighbor. I was too small to read them, but I was exposed to the first book through the Nelvana animated series. It wasn’t until years later when I listened to the first book through audio. However it was one book in the series, called Marlfox, which was the first 400 page novel that I read by myself without any help.

So the Redwall series had been a very important part of my life. It has helped me in my road to becoming a writer